It’s hard to believe Karl Strauss Brewing Company has been brewing independent, craft beer in San Diego for 30 years!

On February 2, 1989 Karl Strauss opened it’s door at 1157 Columbia St. in Downtown San Diego and have been brewing beer at that location for 30 years!!

Fun fact: the downtown Karl Strauss is the longest running brewpub to continue to produce beer in San Diego!

Paul Segura brought along brew master of brew operations, Matt Johnson to talk about what to expect at Changing of the Barrels.

What’s Changing of the Barrels you ask? I’m glad you asked!

Each February to celebrate the opening of Karl Strauss, a big party is thrown to debut their Barrel-Aged Anniversary release and a chance to taste the next year’s batch before it spends a year in barrels.

Changing of the Barrels is February 2nd! Tickets can be purchased here. 

What’d we drink? 

Level 30 Complete Hazy IPA                             7% ABV

         Collaboration with Drake’s Brewing Company

                 (also celebrating 30th anniversary)

Boat Shoes Hazy IPA                                        7.2% ABV

Barrel Aged Russian Imperial Stout           14.8% ABV

        30th anniversary – aged in rye whisky barrels