In what we’ve coined as ‘The New Weird,’ one local brewery has made the pivot from making tasty craft beer to producing hand sanitizer.

Mike Hess Brewing continues to pump out high quality craft beer with the addition of hand sanitizer production. Head brewer Jason  and brewer Paul joined us via computer to explain what’s been going on at the brewery since everything changed.

Mike Hess Brewing started making hand sanitizer mid-March, securing packaging and getting the label done while getting the production team ready to make hand sanitizer. The solution is 160 proof and meets all FDA and WHO standards. Not to mention, the bottle is a pump-mist so it doesn’t leave your hands sticky like some of the gel or liquid hand sanitizers. One of the really amazing things that came with the production of hand santizer, is the Mike Hess Brewing was able to bring back majority of their furloughed employees. Hand sanitizer can be purchased here. 

Mike Hess Brewing beer is available for to go beer pick up. 6 packs, purrowlers (32 oz cans), cases, merchandise, and gift cards are available for pick up at:

North Park: 619-255-7136 (keg sales also at this location) 12pm-8pm.
Ocean Beach: 619-795-1095 2pm-8pm
Imperial Beach: 619-240-3394 (beer and tacos) 11am-8pm

What’d We Drink? 

Hop Cloud Hazy IPA                                            7% ABV 

Into the Sunset Blood Orange IPA               6.5% ABV