All I wanna do is drink Beer and Coffee….

The 4th annual Carnival of Caffeination is Saturday, February 8th at San Diego’s Liberty Station North Promenade. Carnival of Caffeination: Pastry Palooza is a playground of craft beer and coffee to give you just the right buuuuzzzzzz.

You’ll be able to avail yourself of unlimited 1-2oz pours from a jaw-dropping arsenal of dark, coffee-centric, and barrel-aged beers alongside a king’s ransom of dazzling coffee-creations from some of the most boss-level roasters in the universe. Whether you’re a beer or coffee fan, prepare for a day of pure bliss. If you’re both, prepare for nirvanic levels of sensory pleasure.

Carnival of Caffeination: Pastry Palooza is one Palooza you do not want to miss. Get tickets here. 

It’s always a party when Phil, Dan, & Derek stop by Beer for Breakfast ABV and this time was no different. I am continually blown away by Modern Times and the high standards they have maintained all these years while still throwing one hell of a party.

What’d we drink?

Tentbier Foeder Aged Lager                            5% ABV 

     collab Heater Allen 

Divergent Paths                                                 8.4% ABV 

     collab Burgeon IIPA

Reality Maze                                                      12% ABV 

    Imperial Stout – Banana, Coconut, Vanilla, Brown Sugar