It’s really exciting when we get the opportunity to have multiple breweries showcased on Beer for Breakfast. It’s even more exciting when it’s for an awesome organization like Pink Boots Society.

Nichole Sykes (secretary liaison to board of directors), Kelly Lohrmeyer (Hot Queen at Yakima Chief Hops), and Amy Spackman (San Diego Chapter Leader) came to 91X and decked the Beer for Breakfast ABV set in pink and glitter.

On March 8th women from all around the world brewed a beer on International Women’s Day specifically to help Pink Boots Society. Yakima Chief Hops put together a blend of  Loral, Glacier, Mosaic, Sabro, and Simcoe hops and $3 of every pound sold goes directly to Pink Boots Society. A really fun element of this years brew is the style of beer was completely up to the brewery so there are TONS of styles using this specific hop blend.

If you’re a woman in beer consider joining Pink Boots Society. You’ll never meet another group of women who are as supportive and inspiring as these women.

What’d we drink: 

Bitter in Pink – ESB Dry Hopped                                                      6.2% ABV 

     Karl Strauss Brewing Co. 

Bachelor Series – The Brewster                                                          6.8% ABV 

     Societe Brewing Co. 

Who Runs the Tasting Room… GIRLS! – Sour Brut IPA                6.9% ABV 

     Home Brewing Co. 

Superbloom! – Dry Hopped Ketel Sour with Earl Grey Tea            6.2% ABV 

     Fall Brewing Co.