Where can you find 60+ craft beers all being 8% and above ABV?

Pizza Port’s Strong Ale Fest of course!

Today and tomorrow (Dec. 6 & 7) Pizza Port Brewing will be celebrating their 23rd Annual Strong Ale Festival in Carlsbad Village. This is the mecca of strong beers!

Jessie (events coordinator), Jill (senior sales & brand manager) & Mike (head brewer) came to 91X to give sample of what to expect this weekend.

Please use rideshares or take the coaster to Carlsbad. This is one of those events that we gotta make sure you get home safely from.

What’d we drink?

International Dankster West Coast IPA                       7.3% ABV 

Grow a Pear – Belgian Table Beer                                 4.8% ABV 

     Roasted pears from Vince’s Pear Ranch (YUMMY!) 

Night Rider Imperial Stout                                              11% ABV