We are STOKED for Scallywag tomorrow and this week on Beer for Breakfast we had Cameron Collins, director of Brew Ha Ha Productions, as well as Robert Masterson, brewmaster of Resident Brewing, and Craig Nelson, headbrewer of Resident Brewing.

This is the 3rd year in a row Cameron, as well as Resident Brewing, have helped 91X make Scallywag the funnest punk rock beer festival in Southern California.

We know the line up is amazing, Rancid, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Hepcat, The Interrupters, Less Than Jake, and Beach Goons, but the beer line up is just as solid!

Amplified, Alesmith, Karl Strauss, Stone, Melvin, Thorn, Second Chance, and SO MANY MORE will be pouring tomorrow including Resident Brewing!

Beers we drank from Resident Brewing on ABV include:

Saison Prestige Peach                    6.8% ABV

Wet Hop Chasing Citra                 6.4% ABV

Foggy Diversion Hazy IPA           6.8% ABV 


Catch the Saison Prestige bottle release and party on October 27th at their location in Downtown!

Thank you Abel Garcia (Producer/audio engineer) and Rick Romero (director/camera dude). You two are the best.