Sake to me!

Yeah, everyone at 91X got sick of my sake puns when we did this episode of Beer for Breakfast ABV, but you know what, I don’t care.

Josh Hembree, president of Setting Sun Sake Brewing Co., stopped by Beer for Breakfast ABV to tell us all about craft sake. Setting Sun is tucked away in Beer-a-mar on Miralani Drive right next to Thunderhawk Alements and 2 Kids Brewing Company.

After trying these different types of sake I felt like I’ve been abusing sake my whole life. I had no idea sake could be so delicious and enjoyable, not just something that you take a shot of as quickly as possible to get drunk at a sushi restaurant. If you’re a beer fan, or a wine fan, or a fan of delicious drinks try Setting Sun Sake.

Sake that we drank:

Setting Sun Ronin Clear          14% ABV 

De Peche Methode                      8% ABV

Passage to Arcadia                     10% ABV

Thank you to Rick Romero (director/cinematographer) and Abel Garcia (producer/audio engineer). Beer for Breakfast would not be possible with out you guys.

If you want to get a good laugh look at this great screen shot of my reaction to yeast farting…