Happy San Diego Beer Week!

I hope you are enjoying all the awesome stuff that’s been going on around San Diego, I know I sure have.

You may or may not know this, but White Labs has a HUGE hand in all the tasty craft beers you’ve been drinking this week. White Labs provides the yeast the brewers use to make beer!

Joe from White Labs stopped by Beer for Breakfast and dropped a TON of knowledge. Like really, brewers don’t make beer, yeast does. Brewers make the wort but yeast is what makes the beer! *BOOM*

Also, we always talk about hops; hop varietal, aroma, etc, but the yeast is really the unsung hero. Different yeast strains can make a beer taste radically different and Joe had the perfect example. He brought in 2 porters. Each were made with the same ingredients but with 2 different strains of yeast. It blew my mind how different the beers were with 1 change.

Here’s what we drank:

Pastuer Porter WLP004 (Irish Ale yeast) 

Pastuer Porter WLP 810 (San Francisco yeast)

Barrel Aged (1 year aged) Barley Wine     


If you want to get some more beer knowledge swing by White Labs!

Special thanks to Abel Garcia (producer/audio extraordinaire) and Rick Romero (director/camera man) for all you do to help with Beer for Breakfast!