7 PM
Cheap Leis – Don’t Say Aloha
Hot Snakes – Six Wave Hold Down
The Silent Comedy – Gasoline
Switchfoot – Dark Horses
Parker & the Numberman – Octagon Chakra
Hingada – Hyphenated
Blink-182 – Stay Together For The Kids
Glass Spells – Rebellion
Stage Kids – Morning Sunshine

8 PM
aMiniature – Skyline
Spare Change – Staring Into Forever
Shane Hall – Hold You Down
Gregory Page – Low Then High
Weatherbox – Trippin the Life Fantastic
Author & Punisher – Night Terror
Anya Marina – We Were Happy Once
Shades McCool – The San Diego National Anthem
Obed Padilla – Through The Night
Rafter – Kulture Krimes
Western Settings – Yes It Is

9 PM
Montalban Quintet – Mbira
Dark Alley Dogs – Dear John Letter
Planet B – Locust House
Private Domain – Absolute Perfection
Rebecca Jade & the Cold Fact – Regret
The Gift Machine – Into the Dark
Playing On The Freeway – Waste of Space
No Knife – Sweep Away My Shadow
Omega Three – Cathedrals
Zeros – Don’t Push Me Around
Sun Room – I Want You
Rocket From The Crypt – Don’t Darlene
Pinback – AFK
Next Week tune in for special Guest
Phil Beaumont (the color forty nine, Loraine, Maquiliadora)