An epic art and music festival, curated by A Ship in the Woods, set in the forest of Escondido. What more could you ask for? Expand your mind and your horizons, cleanse your palette and take in the Aaron Rose Art Bar with art from Chris Warren, the League of Imaginary Scientists and 54, yes FIFTY FOUR(!), other artists spread out around the site.

Also fill your mind with the incredible sounds of Bill Callahan, Built to Spill, locals Spooky Cigarette, Pall & Lori, Sunfoot, Lonnie Holley, Ice Balloons, No Age and Shabazz Palaces. Search around there may be some discount codes floating around that will allow you to sailaway with a $20 off special for online tickets ; )

And don’t forget the after-party starts at 8pm at Midnight Jacks in Oceanside with Sights & Sages and The Strawberry Moons.

See you there!