91X Loudspeaker Top 5 June 2020 by Various Artists

Loudspeaker Top 5 a monthly list of our five favorite songs right meow, tune into the show every Sunday at 7pm on 91X in San Diego or stream at www.91X.com

released June 1, 2020

Produced by Tim Pyles
Art by Mark Habegger

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1. Bobbo – BubbleGum 03:28
2. Teazed – Garage Land 02:32
3. Primaveras – The Space Between 03:11
4. Jara – Movie Stars 04:11
5. Total Recluse – Please Don’t Break My Heart (Put Your 4AD Records In The Microwave) 02:59

Click this link to check it out: http://loudspeaker1.bandcamp.com/album/91x-loudspeaker-top-june-2020