Cheap Leis – Don’t Say Aloha

Cheap Leis – Oliver’s Army (Elvis Costello)

Cheap Leis – Love Song (the Damned)

Fluf – $79

Rickety Cliffs – Shoes

ZBonics – Zak Attack

The Silent Comedy – Gasoline

aMiniature – Frozen

Jeff Berkley and the Banned – Killing Moon

Gregory Page – Superhero

Head Wound City – Radical Friends


Well Well Well – Surfing with the Mattson 2

Western Settings – Yes It Is

The Spice Pistos – Life’s A Drag

Trouble In The Wind – All The Boys

Trouble In The Wind – Touching Down

Chris Cote – Welcome to My Basement

The Kabbs – Waking Up

Drug Hunt – The Well

Heavy Vegetable – Recycle Song


Kut U Up – Make It Out Alive

Second Harvest – Head Dip

Free Paintings – Otra Vez

Sun Room – I Want You

Alfred Howard / Shelbi Bennett / Ian Own – Peace

Hexa – Campo

Furious IV – The Poor Me Sob Story

Pillowhead – Situation

Inch – Stresser

Earthless – Electric Flame