The Penetrators – I Walk The Beat

Zeroes – Don’t Push Me Around

Rank and File – The Conductor Wore Black

Dark Globe – Caribou Man

Pitchfork – Rana

Forced Down – Nothing

RFTC – Shy Boy

Three Mile Pilot – Way of the Ocean

Boilermaker – Switch


aMiniature – Showdowned

Heavy Vegetable – Recycle Song

Several Girls Galore – That Kind of Whisker That Makes My Stomach Cramp

Elgin Park – Solace In A Loose Groove

Convoy – Here’s Looking at You

Creedle – Trombino

Spell Toronto – Dr. Jones

Hot (Like a Robot) – Luxury

Tristeza – Broma

Fluf – Hang Out

Reeve Oliver – MADACHU

The Donkeys – We Are All So Young

The Drowning Men – The Waltz


Parker Meridien – Thin Lines

Rafter – Kulture Krimes

Incredible Moses Leroy – Anthem

Fishwife – Second To Last Straw

Montalban Quintet – Under the River

Ric Scales – Golden Sky

Inch – Crippler

Mrs. Magician – There is No God

Jon Foreman – Cure For Pain

Blink-182 – M+M’s