The most rockin’ ridiculous Beatles cover ever recorded? An amped-up Twist & Shout-style version of the Beatles’ “Revolution 9”, recorded at Abbey Road studios with Beatles Anthology, Rock Band and Vegas show engineer Chris Bolster. Most of the Roses’ act is doing Stone Roses songs mashed up with bits of the Rolling Stones and Guns n’ Roses but, to confuse their audiences further on their recent UK tour, they forced Brits to endure this fab rocker….and they loved it.

Singer Ian Brownstone dreamed up the arrangement over 30 years ago but it wasn’t actually played until 2007 when he performed at a Beatles tribute show in Los Angeles as the modestly-named Beatles US. A video of that performance on Youtube has delighted and riled up over 35,000 viewers over the years. For the recent Roses tour, they decided to resurrect “Revolution 9” and couldn’t think of a more absurd song to record at famed Abbey Road Studios in London.

The song is crammed with Beatle bits plus winks and nods to the Stone Roses and the Rolling Stones. See if you can spot all eight songs referenced in just 87 seconds delivered by a SMOKING backbeat band of San Diego all-stars on hallowed studio ground and lovingly mixed by Mike Kamoo of Earthling Studios back in California.

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Ian Brownstone (Adam Gimbel): screaming, tambourine
Jumpin’ Josh Slash (Josh Smith): lead guitar, Twisting
Mani Petey (Pete Bayard): bass guitar, Anding
Not So Thin Izzy (Brent Jackson): rhythm guitar, Shouting
Treni (Trevor Levieux): drums, tongue
James Partridge of Blue House Music: driving, coraling, gear lending, handclaps
SnR, Richard, Frank and George Merrett: we all clapped our hands
Engineered by Chris Bolster at the Gatehouse, Abbey Road Studios, London, England
Assistant engineering by Joe Wyatt
Beatles studio gear consulting by Brian Kehew
Mixing, mastering and metal hi-hat by Mike Kamoo, Earthling Studios, El Cajon, California
Revolution 9 written by John Lennon & Paul McCartney, arranged by Adam Gimbel
Studio videography by Matt Kelly
Studio hospitality, Abbey Road hologram and jukebox c/o Thomas Yearsley and Laura Jane Willcock at Thunderbird Analog Recording Studio, Oceanside, California
Filmed on location at Shiiine Weekender at Butlins Minehead, K Street Studios in San Diego, Factory 251 in Manchester, Dubln Castle in London, Molly’s Chambers in Birkenhead, Abbey Road Studios in London, Casa Calderon in Woodland Hills, Casbah Coffee House and Penny Lane in Liverpool, Stonehenge, Salford Lads Club, Chiswick House, “Clash Steps” in Camden Town
Fat Fanny courtesy CIR Splitter Vans, Cheshire UK
Rammstein vs Cookie Monster c/o Gover
Karaoke screen by Pants Karaoke
Slash hat rental c/o Laura Chavez Haberdashery of San Diego
Matthew Osmond stars as “Mick”
Don’t Stop Beer courtesy of Andy Brannan and Hillside Brewery
Two Virgins eight-track from the Jim Laspesa Collection
Video edited by Adam Gimbel