Marty & Danielle

Danielle and Nathaniel Rateliff talk BeerX San Diego!

One day before his headlining performance at BeerX San Diego, Danielle jumps on a call with none other than Nathaniel Rateliff!

After gushing about her extreme love for his music, they talk about what inspires him to write, what it was like playing with Paul Simon, what kind of beer would the band be, and of course … his FAVORITE memory of San Diego.

Danielle with Bardo of Chicano Batman!

Danielle hops on a call with Bardo from Chicano Batman before their show at BeerX San Diego tomorrow, Saturday, August 20th.

Bardo talks about his FAVORITE BeerX memory (considering he’s a veteran of the festival), why the band stopped wearing matching suits on stage, and what he loves most about San Diego.

Marty & Danielle’s Triple Stoopid

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Marty with Josh Klinghoffer!

Check out this interview with Marty and Josh Klinghoffer formerly of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, now part of Eddie Vedder & the Earthlings, a touring member of Pearl Jam, and the creator of his solo project – Pluralone!