Marty & Danielle

Marty & Danielle + Phoebe Bridgers!

Marty and Danielle chat with Phoebe Bridgers about her new album "Punisher", her epic SNL guitar smash, her FAVORITE spots in San Diego, and more!...

Marty & Danielle with Dexter & Noodles of The Offspring!

Marty & Danielle catch up with California music legends, Dexter and Noodles of The Offspring! They chat about life, their new record, Offspring tattoos, the inspiration behind the band's artwork, and more! Keep an ear out for their first album in almost TEN YEARS, "Let The Bad Times Roll", when it releases on Friday, April 16th....

Marty & Danielle + Yesod Williams of Pepper!

Pepper’s drummer, Yesod Williams, catches up with Marty and Danielle in the latest 91X Artist Interview! Hear him review the band’s 2020 Belly Up Tavern livestream concert, “Pepper & Friends”, plus what it was like curating the 54 track Sublime tribute album, “The House That Bradley Built”.

Marty & Danielle + Meg Myers!

Marty & Danielle chat with Meg Myers about her upcoming fan-sourced video for “Anyway You Wanna Love”, the healing power of dance, and whether she uses her unique voice for good or evil.

Marty & Danielle + Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam!

Pearl Jam, Painted Shield, and Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall of Fame member, Stone Gossard, joins Marty and Danielle to share his experiences writing with Eddie Vedder, the underappreciated excellence of X, and super grouping with Pearl Jam bandmate Matt Cameron and Mason Jennings!

Marty & Danielle + Jim Adkins of Jimmy Eat World!

Marty and Danielle catch up with Jim Adkins of Jimmy Eat World!

They discuss the band’s upcoming shows “The Phoenix Sessions”; a set of live stream concerts celebrating three essential Jimmy Eat World records. They’ll perform “Surviving” in its entirety TONIGHT, “Futures” on January 29th, and “Clarity” on February 12th – PLUS it benefits the National Independent Venue Association … so that’s rad!

Jim also remembers the first impression he had of 91X while visiting San Diego back when he was a kid … and it’s priceless.