Afternoons / 3pm-7pm Saturdays / 11pm-1am

Project X

Project X is a showcase of electronic music, and anything that grooves. It’s experimental in the sense that it is not genre specific. You’ll hear mixes reminiscent of cafes in Ibiza, and others that take you to underground warehouse parties.

Don’t be surprised to hear chill out sets infused with Dub, Reggae, Alternative Hip Hop and Acid Jazz. Or Rock tracks with beats that are right at home in a House or Breaks mix.

You’ll discover new music that has yet to be released, and rediscover tracks from the 90s that have been long since forgotten. Project X brings the function to your home where it’s healthy to dance, or your car when it’s time to get out for a pleasure cruise. Play it loud and enjoy. – Zach Van Lue