187 local bands sent us their stuff, and after a lengthy listening session, and some friendly debate about the finer points of music (names were called and chairs were thrown), we narrowed it down to 10 bands, and sent them off to Cage The Elephant. Matt, Brad & Tich all weighed in, and picked their 5 finalists.

Top 5 finalists:

Pleasure Fix


But there could be only one.

The band has spoken, and THE WINNER IS…


They’ll be introduced onto the Parking Lot Party stage by Cage The Elephant themselves, play for a rowdy crowd of Cage The Elephant fans, and take home brand new gear straight from the show.

GET YOUR TICKETS TO SEE CAGE NOW, and join us before the show this Wednesday, June 22, for the 91X Parking Lot Party!

Thanks to ALL the bands that entered, we loved listening to your stuff. Keep doing what you do!

And thanks to our good friends at Guitar Center in La Mesa for their super awesome amazing wonderful gear! Go buy some!