So heartbreaking, I myself had huge plans this year for Comic-Con. My son and I hit WonderCon and ComicCon every year, its a wonderful tradition. This is the last summer before he heads off to college and certainly our tradition will fade a bit and be much less of an annual thing. So for 2020 we had planned to take WonderCon and ComicCon by storm with hotels and plans to hit everything we could from sun up until late in the evening. Well, not so much. Both events were cancelled but at least we have this opportunity. Tune in to ComicCon events in a number of ways; YouTube, Tumblr, the Comic-Con web site and more. The Eisner Awards will be online and I have never actually been so that’s a great opportunity. The Exhibitor Hall will be online with over 700 exhibitors? wow how will they pull that off?? The great think as we make Lemonade out of Lemons is this may be a chance to see more than you ever have with regards to Comic-Con and maybe attend some new events. People who have never been may be able to experience some of the cool features and events.  I am very much looking forward to cruising around Virtually to see what new experiences can be had. find out more here;