What do you get when you throw a bunch of people into a room and fill them with beer? You get the Beer Drinking Troublemakers!

91X’s Garett and Rick are joined by friends from the San Diego beer community and a Wild Card guest for each episode, as they dive into various lifestyle topics ranging from music to sports to drinking or whatever crazy idea that we can think of.


Beer Drinking Troublemakers – Episode 6: “Rhinos on the Freeway”

After a brief hiatus, the Beer Drinking Troublemakers are back! In this episode they are joined by Robbie Lloyd, VP of Modern Rock Promotion at Interscope/Geffen/A+M Records & Tapes aka The Duke of Swamp Trash, who talks about growing up in San Diego and shares some wild and crazy stories about music, skating, papier-mâché rhinos and more!

Plus the awesome folks at Mason Ale Works dropped by a couple of amazing brews for us to try. Join us!

Beer Drinking Troublemakers – Episode 5: “Dude Food”

In this weeks episode, Garett & Rick are joined by Jay & Tom of Thorn (St.) Brewing to talk about Dude Food. It’s probably not too good for you, but it sure does taste good.

What are the best hangover foods? Best way to grill? Where can you find the best hot dogs, BBQ chips and breakfast burritos? And of course there is plenty of beer involved!

Beer Drinking Troublemakers – Episode 4: “For Your Consideration”

With the Academy Awards quickly approaching, Garett and Rick got together with troublemaking expert Dallas McLaughlin and beer drinking expert Cesar Torres of Fall Brewing, to chat about movies! They go over the best picture nominees, talk about their favorites and, as usual, cause a little trouble along the way.