batman v. superman

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice

So one of the many awesome parts of my job includes seeing bad ass movies before they hit theaters, like Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice! Last night I went to an advanced screening and, holy moly, it was a great film! I'm not a huge comic book/super hero fan but this is definitely a [...]

An Internship That Pays You to Drink BEER?!

Internships can turn into a real bummer from time to time... You think you'll be doing all kinds of cool stuff but end up just getting the boss coffee and ultimately end up being the office work bitch. What if there was an internship that included traveling, eating, and drinking delicious beer? What if that internship [...]

It’s All Rainbows at the Weather Channel for Election Day

Sooooooo OVER election season. You're a booger-head. No YOU'RE a booger-head. NO! YOU ARE A BIGGER BOOGER-HEAD. This is what I hear every time I hear anything about the election. It's exhausting. The fine folks over at The Weather Channel feel mine, and I'm sure MANY other American's pain. The network announced that it will [...]

Travis Pastrana Interview for Nitro Circus [LISTEN]

Tommy chatted with professional motorsports athlete Travis Pastrana this morning about Nitro Circus Live coming to San Diego on June 17 to Qualcomm Stadium! In the seven years Nitro Circus Live has been around, this will be its first visit to our fine city. According to the press release: Adding to the “must see” factor, worldwide [...]

Stressed Out? Listen to This Tune!

Stressed out? No, I'm not talking about Twenty-One Pilots, but life is stressful! I get stressed out fairly easily and it ends up giving me MAJOR anxiety. It turns almost debilitating sometimes. So what do I do? I turn to music. Music can also be a powerful way to fight stress and anxiety. We always [...]

Pre-sale for 91X Presents Run the Jewels!

Earlier this week Tommy announced that Run the Jewels are coming to San Diego in January! 91X Presents: Run the Jewels on January 30 at The Observatory North Park. This all ages show is going to be epic! I wasn't with 91X yet last year for Lump of Coal so I missed out on Run [...]

Jimmy Kimmel Strikes Again!

Jimmy Kimmel is at it again ruining the day after Halloween for every kid in America. This is the 6th year in a row late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel has challenged parents to prank their kids and tell them they ate all their Halloween candy. I don't know why I find this so [...]

Craft Beer + Halloween Candy = AMAZING!

Mmmmmm.... Beer..... Mmmmm.... Candy..... *drool* Sorry, just day dreaming about two of my favorite things in the entire world, beer and candy! So why not pair the two together? Did you not get as many trick or treaters as you thought? Did your kids bring home enough candy to last until next Halloween? I've got [...]

How Much Candy Can KILL You

Mmmmmmm.... Candy. Happy Halloween everybody! The #1 day to eat the sweet treat! Too much gives you a tummy ache? Toughen up. You're not going to die... or are you? That’s where a science-themed YouTube channel called Reactions comes in. The channel recently posted a video titled “How Much Candy Would Kill You?” that takes data like the [...]

New AFI ‘Snow Cats’ [LISTEN]

Did you just hear Tommy play the new AFI single "Snow Cats" bright and early this morning?! NO????? WHAT WERE YOU DOING?! SLEEPING?!! Ok, ok, ok. I'll give you a pass. AFI have been dropping cryptic teases on social media for weeks now about new music on the way. If you go to their website [...]