STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND LISTEN TO THE NEW ARCADE FIRE!! IT'S OMG TOTES *INSERT FIRE EMOJI REPEATEDLY*!!! "I Give You Power" is their first brand new song since 2013's Reflektor and features the legendary Mavis Staples on vocals. The band has reportedly finished recording their entire upcoming album and are planning a massive [...]

The Michael Scott School of Trolling

Steve Carell, AKA Michael Scott of The Office, brought the world of Twitter to a screeching halt when he unleashed this monster to the masses yesterday: Breaking News: "The Office" returning to NBC.— Steve Carell (@SteveCarell) January 18, 2017 People were going crazy with the thoughts of Jim, Pam, Dwight and the gang returning to [...]

The Foo Fighters Loved Mariah Carey’s NYE Performance

Earlier this week, The Foo Fighters appeared on Jonesy's Jukebox (Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols) and raved about Mariah Carey's New Years Eve performance. Yeah,  the same one that everyone else called a complete trainwreck. They called her "punk rock" and said that she should have did a "mic drop" at the end to [...]

Little Kids Remake “Scarface” And It Is Weirdly Awesome

Little kids starring in mini-fied versions of movie classics is a thing that has been happening since the dawn of time, right? At least since the dawn of movie making. Some movies are perfect for kids to remake, but others - think Apocalypse Now or 9 1/2 Weeks - aren't as kid-friendly. So when someone [...]

Does Panda Express Owe The Killers Free Food For Life?

Not only are The Killers hard at work on a new album, but they also have a pretty great sense of humor! After discovering this fortune in a Panda Express fortune cookie, they shared this on Facebook. YUM:

2017, The Year of NIN? New Music And Their First Live Performance in Years

First Trent Reznor drops a new EP upon the world - Happy New Year! Then he hints at two MORE releases this year - hallelujah! Now we hear he'll play his first show with NIN in three years this summer at the Panorama Festival in New York - HELL YES! Can we kick it?— [...]

Finally, Someone Has Brewed Beer Specifically For Drinking In The Shower

Cheers to the Swedes who decided to brew some beer that's meant just for drinking in the shower! (Wait, isn't all beer meant for drinking in the shower? Or is that just me?) Shower Beer, as it's so creatively called, makes up for its lack of size (a mere 6 oz) by packing a punch; [...]

Free Weed Will Be Handed Out on Inauguration Day!

In what they say is an effort to promote the legalization of recreational marijuana at the federal level, the DC Cannabis Coalition plans to hand out 4,200 free joints on Inauguration Day. According to Fox 5 San Diego, "They will start handing out the joints at 8 a.m. on the west side of Dupont Circle [...]

The XX Are Mailing Fans Free Tickets To Unannounced Shows

Alex got this in the mail with his vinyl for being one of the first people to order their new album and we are SHOOK.. @The_xx— trevor (@im_not_amish) January 3, 2017 Talk about stoking out some of your most hardcore fans in one of the coolest possible ways: The XX have been stealthily mailing fans [...]


The Coachella 2017 lineup is here and it's the one we saw when it was leaked a few months ago: Radiohead! Beyonce! Kendrick Lamar! Check out the full lineup and keep listening for your shot at free passes!!