Jack White, Gender Equality Warrior

Jack White isn't just a rockstar these days - he's a businessman (Third Man Records), a dad, and now he's raising awareness of gender-equality issues in his adopted hometown of Nashville. Thanks to Jack White, musician and business owner, for joining our Council on Gender Equity. @thirdmanrecords— Megan Barry (@MayorMeganBarry) July 13, 2016 No [...]
beer on tap

Beer On Tap Coming to an Airplane Near You!

While we love that some airlines have stepped up their on-board beer selections of late (Horizon Air serves Bear Republic, Elysian, & Skagit River beers, among others), Dutch airline KLM has kicked the airplane beer game up a few notches with the introduction of in-flight beer ON TAP! Popular Mechanics explains the logistics involved with [...]

Jimmy Drink World?

As if recording a new Jimmy Eat World album wasn't keeping him busy enough, bassist Rick Burch has launched a full-scale craft distillery and is producing some delicious-sounding gin and whiskey. He sat down not too long ago with The Phoenix New Times and filled them in, saying he and his partner like to experiment [...]

RHCP Mistaken for Metallica by Customs Officials

So rad: The Red Hot Chili Peppers are touring Europe right now and were passing through the airport in Belarus recently when customs officials pulled them into an office for some autographs... METALLICA autographs. Flea explains. "... they asked us to sign a bunch of Metallica cd's and photos. We tried to explain to them that we weren't [...]

Wavves To Ban Trump Supporters, Racists, & Homophobes From Shows

Nathan Williams - you know, San Diegan & frontman of WAVVES - is pissed, and he's been venting on Twitter lately. This week, he outlined who he does and doesn't make music for, and the backlash was instant... and at times vitriolic. Ahhh, internet! Don't go achangin'! Here's some of what he posted: a few things i [...]

When A Rockstar Gives You His Toilet, You Take It

Graphic: Nick Wanserski If your favorite rockstar offered to give you their gently used toilet - like, the actual porcelain throne they've shat upon, from their actual home bathroom - would you take it? Is that the kind of memorabilia you'd be into having? Those are the kinds of questions an Alice in Chains' super-fan was recently [...]

Home is Where the Giant Inflatable Snowman Is

Last week was one of the craziest weeks of my life. I moved (which is fun), both my daughter and I got the stomach flu (which is fun), and I left one radio station and started at another: this one, my radio home. 91X. As I type this I've only been back here for a [...]

Primus’ drummer Herb had ANOTHER heart attack. Dude!

poor herb (real name: tim alexander). he just had his SECOND heart attack. scary, right? he's 51 and had his first heart attack in 2014, followed by a triple bypass. here's what he had to say on instagram: "i did not think this could happen after having a triple bypass almost exactly 2 years ago... [...]
facebook hoax

Metallica Latest Victim of Facebook Hoax

You may or may not have seen hoax events popping up around Facebook. Well, the latest to fall victim... Metallica at Joe's Crab Shack in Tucson, AZ. Apparently you can buy tickets at Los Betos Restaurant, who has been receiving calls about winning tickets they were "raffling off." There were also 5 golden tickets hidden [...]

Will the Stray Cats Prowl Again?

Back in April of 1983, 91X unleashed the first ever X-Fest upon the masses! It featured Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Bow Wow Wow and the Stray Cats. After years of touring off and on, the Stray Cats appeared to be done for good after a farewell tour in 2008. Now the rockabilly trio might [...]

Every Baby Born In San Diego Should Be Issued These At Birth

A tortilla swaddling wrap and taco booties? YES YES A MILLION TIMES YES! A MEXICAN FOOD MOBILE? That's what San Diego babies' dreams are made of! How genius and cute are these? I've always loved Uncommon Goods but these are just off the charts. Check them out here and here and here! I am text block. Click edit [...]