No Doubt – Gwen + AFI’s Davey Havok = DREAMCAR

When Davey Havok was here a few weeks ago, I asked him off the air about his rumored new band with the members of No Doubt. With a coy smile, all he told us was that it was a real thing and that it would have an 80s vibe, and that he was having a [...]

Deerhoof Opened For RHCP And Their Tour Diary Is Fascinating

First, imagine having NEVER heard a Red Hot Chili Peppers song in your life, like, ever. Now imagine having never heard a RHCP song and being asked to open for them on tour with your band. Weirdly awesome, right? That was the case for Deerhoof not too long ago. Their drummer Greg Saunier hadn't heard [...]

Imagine Dragons Frontman Reveals Disease He’s Been Living With For 10 Years

A father to one little girl with twins on the way, Imagine Dragons' Dan Reynolds is normally a very private rockstar. Now on the verge of turning 30, he's decided to open up and reveal a scary diagnosis he received around 10 years ago in hopes of inspiring others and helping fellow sufferers feel less [...]

Morrissey Cancels Show After Band Member Collapses Backstage

Minutes before Morrissey was set to hit the stage in Colorado last night, his keyboard player Gustavo Manzur collapsed for unknown reasons. The sold out crowd at the Boulder Theater eagerly anticipated the start of the show, but instead were greeted with Moz himself onstage 15 minutes late, telling attendees what had happened and "This [...]

A Post-Rehab Billie Joe Armstrong Gets Deep

Green Day's San Diego date in April of next year sold out really quickly, which comes as no surprise to anyone. And the good news is: Billie Joe is feeling stronger than ever. As sharp & opinionated as ever, he went deep recently: addressing vulnerability, the band's longevity, and much more, it's a good read [...]

[LISTEN] New Baby-Making Music From The Supergroup Of Your (Super Chill) Dreams

Not too long ago, Lykke Li helped launch Ingrid, a Swedish record label/collective made up of artists like Peter Bjorn & John, Miike Snow, Teddybears & more. They've released a compilation made up of songs by some of the artists who are part of Ingrid, but until now, we hadn't heard anything that they'd recorded [...]

[WATCH] Chewbacca Speaking English Will Make You Question Everything

When my daughter was first born, I slapped a bumper sticker on my car that said "Episode IV Comes First, It's Just Good Parenting" because I love Star Wars that much. But of all the times I've watched the films, I have never imagined Chewie speaking anything but Shyriiwook, because, well, he's Chewbacca and THAT'S [...]

In Honor of SDBW: The 19 People You See At Every Beer Festival

This Thrillist list of the 19 people you find at every beer festival is pretty spot-on, and we know our beer festivals here in San Diego, do we not? That being said, I do feel like it's missing a few characters, like the puking first-timer, or the grumpy designated driver. In honor of San Diego [...]

[WATCH] Lauren from Chvrches Covers Ben Folds “Brick” And Miley Cyrus Too

Chvrches' Lauren Mayberry is funny and sweet and pint-sized and says curry is her favorite food to eat in her native Scotland. She also has the voice of an angel, so when she covered Ben Folds' "Brick" and Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball" the other night in Brooklyn, it ruled. See for yourself: