Win a custom Imperial Surfboard, Skateboard, or Supergirl Surf Pro VIP Packages!

Imperial Beer is a proud sponsor of the Supergirl pro in Oceanside, CA! Enter to win custom Imperial Surfboards, Skateboards, or Supergirl Surf Pro VIP Packages! And text IMPERIAL to 33911 for another chance to win!

VIP Package Includes: 
– Two (2) VIP Passes for 1 day of Supergirl Pro event July 28-30 at
Oceanside Pier
– Backstage / Athlete’s Lounge Tour
– One (1) Supergirl Pro Autographed Item

Supergirl Pro
– From July 28th – 30th at Oceanside Pier
– Free to attend
– It’s the world’s largest female surf event and music festival with 20 live concerts and more than 140 top pros competing.

About Imperial Beer: Paradise doesn’t just materialize. We make it. And it doesn’t take care of itself. We have to inspire, nurture and protect it.

At Imperial, we’re committed to this way of thinking, acting and living. We make the world’s only water positive beer. We will continue to set new standards for sustainable brewing, to nourish the environment and to be a symbol of our people’s warm generosity.

We have enormous ambitions. Not just for the growth of our company but for the wider distribution of our ideals. To make choices to take the best of what’s around you and make it even better.

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