Dominos Is Delivering Pizza In Self Driving Fords [WATCH]

Dominos and Ford are joining forces to change the pizza delivery game. You’re pizza will arrive in a Ford Fusion hybrid autonomous research vehicle with pizza compartments. Pretty fancy. How do you feel about pausing Netflix, getting up off the couch, walking out to the car and fetching your own delivery pizza? I guess you’d [...]

$1,300 in CA$H, Would You Return It?

Berkeley, California. Dude orders pizza, pizza gets delivered, dude finds $1,300.00 inside the delivery. Dude gets messages on his phone from delivery guy who's freakin' out. All his friends told him to keep it. But dude's morals got the best of him. Dude returned the money, Domino's gave dude free pizza for a year, delivery guy got [...]