Solved! Maritime Museum. Alicia Caudillo Is Going To Father John Misty!

Father John Misty tickets are up for grabs! Zach is somewhere in San Diego, and he has our concert tickets! Gumshoes, we need your help! Check back daily for new clues, and follow @zachvanlue for even more hints to his location. When you’ve got a guess, FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW. You can guess as much as [...]

[WATCH] Father John Misty’s New Video Starring Macaulay Culkin As Kurt Cobain

Total Entertainment Forever is the new one from Father John Misty, and the video is wacky. It's also short and sweet which is the secret to today's attention span. Watch as Macaulay Culkin, playing Kurt Cobain, is lashed by Ronald McDonald-esque goons before he's crucified. Just in time for a cameo by Bill Clinton on [...]
Coachella In October

Coachella Bands Take Over San Diego

As the euphoria of Coachella Weekend 1 is wearing off, music fans are looking for their next fix. Luckily for us, many artists spend their "down time" playing smaller shows in our fair city. Unlike watching bands from the back of a crowd of thousands, these San Diego shows give us a chance to see our favorite festival artists up-close [...]