#BLESSED: Taco Bell Kit Kat Quesadillas Are A Thing

Lucky Wisconsinites have been in for a treat lately; Taco Bell is testing out their new Kit Kat and Twix quesadillas there right now! Called the "Chocoladilla," they seem to be just melted candy in a warm tortilla. Sign me up! No word yet on when the nationwide roll out will happen, but my fingers [...]

Your X-Fest Food Truck Lineup Is EPIC!

Ten bands and two stages and beer and cocktails and inflatables and a Sector 9 skate ramp and a mechanical shark and live art and body paint and a VR experience and all that is going to be really great at X-Fest and everything but can we please have a moment with the FOOD TRUCKS? [...]

Top 420 Munchies

Today is 420 and what goes better with sweet Mary Jane than tasty snacks. Munchies are awesome but also dangerous! It's like the Pringles commercials, once you pop you just can't stop! 420 has become synonymous with a little extra indulgence and according to food delivery service, goPuff, saw an 80 percent surge in orders last [...]

Cool Changes Coming To Coachella This Year – Check Out Some Clues And Predictions!

Feels like it was only a few months ago that the information about Coachella's capacity expanding was leaked, or unearthed; see here and here. Thanks to some eagle-eyed passholders, it looks like even more strange things are afoot at the Circle K - and they sound like they could potentially be really cool! If you explore [...]

The Coachella Food Lineup Is Here and SD Will Be Represented!

Sampling the food and beer options at Coachella has become a part of the full festival experience over the years, especially because their selections have gotten better and better lately. Quality restaurants and many San Diego beers can now be found out there, which rules! The 2017 Foodchella lineup has just been released, and I was [...]

Secret Menu Options… Did someone say McGangBang?

We all know about In and Out's secret menu options, but did you know there are other secret menu items from other fast-food chains? Mmmmmm.... Get slutty with these options next time you stop at your favorite glutinous establishment. And now enjoy this ridiculous video.

Girl Scout Cookies Are Now A Cereal!

"Girl Scout Cookies on a plate" (CC BY-ND 2.0) by Brian Legate General Mills just announced they will be releasing a limited-edition Girl Scout cookie cereal! Girl Scout cookie cereal will come in two flavors, Thin Mints and Caramel Crunch (AKA Samoas). According to Mike Siemienas, Manager of Brand Media Relations for General Mill: “The Girl Scouts Cookie [...]

I LIKE FOOD: the Stranger Things Demogorgon Pie Edition

I'll admit it: I was late to the Stranger Things party train. But once I got on I did NOT want to get off, and I can't WAIT until the next season shows up on Netflix. It's so hard to be patient! Thankfully the good people at Netflix Kitchen (there is such a thing?) gave the [...]

CBGB Is Reopening as a Restaurant in Newark Airport

CBGB is reopening as a restaurant in the Newark Airport. Wait, what? Not what we expected but nonetheless, the name of the legendary punk club that was purchased back in 2012 will live on. The famous New York City venue where Talking Heads, Patti Smith, Ramones, and many more got their start, closed in 2006 [...]

Best Neighborhoods For Dining Out In San Diego!

What’s the BEST neighborhood for dining out in San Diego? Although a subjective question, our friends from Thrilllist put together a list of the, “Top 10 San Diego dining neighborhoods”. Here is a look at Thrilllist’s Top 5: 5. Convoy District "pho" (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by areta ekarafi 4. Oceanside "Oceanside, California" (CC BY-NC 2.0) by TeckWee 3. Del Mar "Del [...]

Light and Dark Side Flavors: “Do or do not. There is no try.”

IMAGE: INSTAGRAM Ample Hills Creamery in Brooklyn is thrilled to announce their limited edition #StarWars ice cream: “Two original #amplehills flavors inspired by the Light and Dark Sides of #TheForceAwakens. Sold exclusively online in collectible pint containers with original artwork. After months of hard work and secret keeping, we are elated to share this collaboration [...]

Just Say NO to Raw Food Thanksgiving

This is why you don't invite your raw foodist friends/family over for Thanksgiving... Raw Food Thanksgiving from Funny Or Die