knee deep brewing

Auburn’s Knee Deep Brewing Pays a Visit to Beer for Breakfast

While San Diego is known for being one of the most hop-forward craft beer scenes in the U.S., we're not the only ones who came play the hops game. Knee Deep Brewing Co. in Auburn has been busy brewing adventurous, highly-hoppy IPAs in Gold Country, particularly their with their Breaking Bud formula. Tommy, Danielle, Abel [...]

The Oroville Dam Emergency: What’s the Deal?

Water cascading down the Oroville Dam emergency spillway (photo by William Croyle). By Tommy Hough The Oroville Dam emergency in Butte County is making a lot of headlines, and for good reason. It's a scary situation, and a collapse of the dam would have consequences for the entire state. Here's the deal: we're having an [...]