IYN w/Lou Niles Season Premiere featuring Jewel!!

For Immediate Release 9.23.17 In Your Neighborhood w/Lou Niles the web series season premier launches Wednesday September 27th on,, featuring my visit with Jewel Kilchur. In Your Neighborhood is a web series produced by Love Machine Films guided by longtime local music supporter Lou Niles that takes a deeper look into the people, [...]

Jewel was on 91x Loudspeaker before she even recorded – World Premiere

World famous singer-songwriter Jewel was heard on 91x Loudspeaker, before she even had a recording that could be played on the radio! As the story goes, Lou Niles (that's me) was introduced to Jewel by Steve Poltz way back in the early 90's. After seeing one of her performances at the Tiki Bar in Pacific [...]

Jewel Steals the Show at Roast of Rob Lowe

In a lineup full of comedians and actors, Jewel pretty much stole the show at the Comedy Central Roast of Rob Lowe last night. She attacked Lowe with a revised version of "You Were Meant for Me", ripped into David Spade, Pete Davidson, Ralph Macchio, Rob Riggle, Peyton Manning and Jeff Ross, then the musician [...]

Foo Fighters & Jewel create Led Zeppelin Magic in Phoenix

I've known Jewel since the early days, back when she used to play gigs at the Inner Change Coffeehouse and Java Joe's in San Diego. Jewel has a new book out - Never Broken - and she is currently on a book-signing tour. On Thursday, Jewel came "home" to San Diego with a scheduled book [...]

Throwback San Diego Thursday: Jewel

Throwback San Diego: This all went down circa 1994/95? (If you couldn't tell already with my '90s sunglasses and haircut.) Jewel and I hang in PB, where she used to play weekly shows. She is still amazing after all of these years...