Little Kids Remake “Scarface” And It Is Weirdly Awesome

Little kids starring in mini-fied versions of movie classics is a thing that has been happening since the dawn of time, right? At least since the dawn of movie making. Some movies are perfect for kids to remake, but others - think Apocalypse Now or 9 1/2 Weeks - aren't as kid-friendly. So when someone [...]

Badass 5-Year-Old Girl Covers System of a Down

Eduarda Henklein, who lives in Brazil, absolutely nails a drum cover of System of a Down's "Chop Suey." Kudos to her parents! Check out more shredding on her Facebook page.

[WATCH] Beck’s New Video For “Wow” Is Bonkers, Stars His Own Kids

While "Loser" came out over 20 years ago, Beck is somehow as cool as ever, as evidenced in the bizarro new video for his new song "Wow." Those dance moves! That outfit! Those horses?!? Even his own kids Cosimo and Tuesday are in it! Beck's last full-length release was 2014's studio album "Morning Phase" and [...]

Jack White and Third Man Records Release a Turntable for Kids!

This could possibly be the best holiday gift ever for kids! Light In The Attic & Third Man Records are joining forces to show impressionable, young minds the virtues of good music and vinyl records. Their exclusive children’s compilation, This Record Belongs To______ available November 6th on LP, CD & digitally accompanied by Third Man [...]
henry rollins

Henry Rollins Reads and Critiques Dr. Seuss

Henry Rollins is a pretty unapologetic opinionated guy. With roughly 20 spoken word albums and countless tours in which he's spilled hundreds of hours of verbiage, you'd think he'd be out of words. Nope. In a new video by Funny or Die, the pumped-up punk icon takes down another sacred cow: Dr. Seuss' 1990 book, Oh, [...]

Puppies Making People Scream

This video will make you feel all the feels. I miss my dog. I wish cloning was legal. They need to make it so. Pronto. This is the diary of Halloran.

Jimmy Kimmel Strikes Again!

Jimmy Kimmel is at it again ruining the day after Halloween for every kid in America. This is the 6th year in a row late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel has challenged parents to prank their kids and tell them they ate all their Halloween candy. I don't know why I find this so [...]