It was previously announced that The Original Misfits are going to play The Forum in Los Angeles on December 30th. Unfortunately for most, The Forum gig sold out in less than 60 seconds! Now, Alternative Press is reporting: "Founding members Glenn Danzig and Jerry Only will join longtime guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein as the Original Misfits this December at The Forum in [...]

The Misfits Original Line-Up To Play SoCal?!

Are The Original Misfits playing Los Angeles in December? Live Nation LA posted this image to their Facebook page with the hashtag ALL HELL'S IS GONNA BREAK LOOSE Nothing has been confirmed but the speculations are endless... Are The Misfits playing in LA on December 30th? We will keep you posted...

$1 Billion George Lucas Museum Is Coming To SoCal!

In a unanimous vote by the Los Angeles City Council, the George Lucas Museum of Narrative Art will become a reality just south of downtown LA! The planned $1 billion George Lucas Museum of Narrative Art is set to break ground early next year, with hopes of a 2021 opening. The museum will be located in [...]

Live in San Diego? You’re Probably a Terrible Driver

Keep your hands at 10 and 2, be patient, and breathe. By Tommy Hough I can appreciate that when you're in traffic and trying to drive from one place to another, you may not be seeing the best of humanity outside your car window. And you know what, your instincts aren't entirely off. We're really [...]

One of Our Local Faults Just Got a Lot Bigger – and Scarier

Reggie sniffs at the Rose Canyon Fault at the Tecolote Recreation Center. By Tommy Hough We had a Baby Earthquake rattle the ground beneath us Friday night, serving as another reminder of the seismic energy that continues to build, shape and mold the California landscape. Ten years ago I interviewed Dr. Pat Abbott, professor emeritus [...]

Dude Caught ‘Car-Surfing’ Down I-15 Freeway! [VIDEO]

Apparently this dude didn’t realize there is an ocean about 35 miles west of where he decided to go surfing in Corona California… KTLA reports: Jennifer Driscoll-Frerichs recorded the man hanging onto the side of a pickup truck as the vehicle moved along the freeway Saturday morning. 'My only thought was that it was pretty dumb," said [...]

Oldchella Festivals Are Now A Thing, Check Out ‘The Classic’

This actually makes sense. While kids are getting money from their parents for festival tickets (*cough* X-Fest *cough*), what about all that untapped capital the Grandparents have stashed away? And if I go, I get to go back to being the youngest person in the crowd, so nostalgic! But let’s get serious for a minute. [...]

Philip Rivers and Joey Bosa on Jimmy Kimmel Live

The San Die... Errr... Los Angeles Chargers' (See! It's hard for all of us. Don't feel too bad Coach.) Quarterback Philip Rivers and rookie of the year, defensive end, Joey Bosa were on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night getting sworn into the city of Los Angeles. As much as it still stings, it is pretty [...]

Chargers Logo Change Causes the Internet to Freak Out!

Today was a rough day for Chargers fans... but thankfully we have the internet to bring some light to the situation... Here are some ridiculous memes: Even businesses and other sports teams jumped in on the action...

Bye, Bye Chargers [Official Statement from Chargers]

It's official. Peace out Chargers. They've already changed their Twitter handle. A letter from Dean Spanos— Los Angeles Chargers (@Chargers) January 12, 2017 Bye Felicia.

Anchorman Themed Bar Opening… In L.A.?

"Stay Classy, L.A." Uh.... Excuse me? No. No. No. No. I love Anchorman. It's one of my absolute favorite movies. Not to mention it's set in beautiful San Diego... A whales vagina... So you can understand my dismay when I see Los Angeles is getting a pop-up Will Farrell themed bar from December 6 - [...]