Jewel was on 91x Loudspeaker before she even recorded – World Premiere

World famous singer-songwriter Jewel was heard on 91x Loudspeaker, before she even had a recording that could be played on the radio! As the story goes, Lou Niles (that's me) was introduced to Jewel by Steve Poltz way back in the early 90's. After seeing one of her performances at the Tiki Bar in Pacific [...]

San Diego Music Documentary Explores ’90s Underground

In Your Neighborhood | Episode 1 Director Bill Perrine brings us It's Gonna Blow, a documentary about San Diego's underground music history during the decade from 1986 to 1996. Lou Niles narrates as Perrine shows archival performance footage, pictures, and interviews, painting a stunningly vivid picture of a musically rich decade in San Diego and Southern California history. [...]