Blink-182 Rock An Acoustic Living Room Set For Steve Aoki’s 40th Birthday! [WATCH]

Legendary DJ/ Producer Steve Aoki celebrated his 40th birthday with an inmate acoustic performance from his friends in Blink 182. According to TMZ: "The band went with a non-traditional birthday jam, “What’s My Age Again?," and added a personal touch for Steve by changing the lyrics from "Nobody likes you when you're 23” to ... [...]
Wrex the halls 2016 Mark Hoppus

Blink 182’s Matt Skiba Is A Witch Who Helped Stop The Fyre Festival

I'll start by saying I am a big supporter of anyone being into anything and believing whatever, as long as they're not hurting others in any way, shape, or form. So when Blink 182's Matt Skiba says he used his focused energy to help stop the Fyre Festival, then I say... right on! I think. [...]

Enema of the State + California = This NEW Blink 182 Song! [LISTEN]

Blink 182 have released another song off their upcoming, California deluxe album. Think of your fave song from Enema of the State. Now think of your fave song from California. Now imagine them in 🖤— blink-182 (@blink182) May 11, 2017 Blink 182's California deluxe reissue features 11 new tracks and drops May 19th!
Wrex the halls 2016 Mark Hoppus

More NEW MUSIC From Blink 182 [LISTEN]

Blink 182 released another track from the deluxe edition of their latest record, California. The deluxe edition of, California, will feature 11 new songs including, "Can't Get You More Pregnant". If you liked Pink Floyd's landmark musical achievement "Dark Side of the Moon", you'll probably be ambivalent at best about this new record.— blink-182 [...]

Matt Skiba Talks New Blink Album

Alkaline Trio frontman/ Tom DeLonge replacement, Matt Skiba, sat down in a recent interview with Alternative Nation and answered a few important questions we've all been wondering: "AN: When I spoke to Travis last month, he described the process as very positive and even considered writing an album with this new lineup. What are your thoughts on [...]

New Record From Blink 182 In 2016!

Travis Barker of Blink 182 announced the future plans for the band via Instagram! Barker wrote: "@blink182crew A #Blink album, an #Antemasque album, 2 #Transplants EP's and a solo album"

Blink-182 Release New Music Video! [WATCH]

Blink-182 have released a music video for, "Bored To Death", the first single off the bands upcoming album. Blink-182's 7th studio album, California, hits stores July 1st, 2016.
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Tommy Chats with Blink 182’s Mark Hoppus

Tommy chatted on the phone with Blink 182's Mark Hoppus about the band's new album California due out July 1st. Also mentioned was their upcoming tour kickoff at the hometown Viejas Arena on July 22nd, recording with new(er) guitarist Matt Skiba, working on the first new Blink 182 album since the death of long-time producer [...]
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Blink 182’s First Album Without Tom DeLonge Is Finished

During Travis Barker's Musink Festival over the weekend, he confirmed that Blink 182 has finished recording their new album. Barker told The album’s done, I’ll be honest with everybody. It’s just a matter of picking what 12 to 14 songs are going to be on the album. I think we wrote 26 or 27? [...]

First Taste Of Blink 182’s New Album

As recently reported, San Diego’s Blink 182 is back in the studio, recording their seventh studio album with Matt Skiba (Alkaline Trio, Heavens, Matt Skiba and the Sekrets). In a recent interview, Travis Baker has this to say about Blink 182’s new record: “Just having someone like Matt (Skiba) who’s in the studio everyday is great. [...]