Dominos Is Delivering Pizza In Self Driving Fords [WATCH]

Dominos and Ford are joining forces to change the pizza delivery game. You’re pizza will arrive in a Ford Fusion hybrid autonomous research vehicle with pizza compartments. Pretty fancy. How do you feel about pausing Netflix, getting up off the couch, walking out to the car and fetching your own delivery pizza? I guess you’d [...]

X-Fest Songs Brought To You By The Word ‘High’ [WATCH]

I don't know if it's a theme, international conspiracy or just a coincidence. But so many #XFEST2017 artists have new songs with 'high' in the title. So here's a X-Fest 'high' playlist to get you stoked for Sunday. Zach

Hear Every Hook From Missio’s New Album Before It’s Released [LISTEN]

Missio's new album Loner comes out on Wednesday and, holy crap, it's heater after heater, after heater! "Killing Darth Vader with my motherf**king kick drum." Bonkers. Wait until you hear this on the X-FEST 2017 sound system, you'll probably poop your pants with some of these bass notes. Bring a change of briefs. And tomorrow is [...]

Missio Announces New Album In Time For #XFEST2017

Dope! Missio's new album Loner will be out May 19th. Just in time to learn all their songs and sing along at #XFEST2017. Zach Stoked to announce our new album LONER available on May 19! Pre-order this Friday and you'll receive "KDV" feat. Shug instantly!— MISSIO (@MissioMusic) April 11, 2017

Official Video for MISSIO ‘Middle Fingers’ [WATCH]

Everyone's new favorite anthem just got a music video! XFEST 2017 artist MISSIO just dropped their video for 'Middle Fingers' and it is sooooo good! I can NOT wait to see the sea of middle fingers during this song. Be sure you grab your tickets to XFEST happening June 11th because it would SUCK to [...]

X-Fest 2017 Line Up = AMAZING!

DUUUUUUDDDDEEE!!!! It's time! Last year we announced XFest the day I started at 91X (I like to think it as 91X's welcome gift to me). This year we're announcing it a we bit earlier. HERE IT IS! HOW GREAT IS THIS LINE UP! Plus! It's at Qualcomm this time! With a trolley stop RIGHT THERE! [...]