Stone Temple Pilots Are Coming To San Diego!

Stone Temple Pilots recently announced their new frontman (Jeff Gutt), now the band is ready to show him off! Last month, Stone Temple Pilots debuted their new singer at a very intimate gig in Los Angeles.  The band also released a brand new single, "Meadow", featuring the Michigan native and recent contestant on The X Factor, Jeff [...]

Stone Temple Pilots Reveal NEW Singer and NEW Song! [LISTEN]

Stone Temple Pilots have just revealed their new singer! In February of last year, Stone Temple Pilots announced that they were on the hunt for a new lead singer. After 15,000 submissions, narrowed down to 50 hopefuls, and a week of auditions... Stone Temple Pilots announced Jeff Gutt as the bands new singer/ frontman! Rolling [...]

Dr. Michael Lindsay On Our Attachment to Celebrities

Dr. Lindsay with Tommy in the 91X studio (photo by Producer Danielle). By Tommy Hough There's been no shortage of frequently shocking, seemingly out of the blue celebrity deaths over the course of the last year, and from Lemmy to David Bowie to Scott Weiland to Prince, many have hit 91X in a place that [...]

“Memories of Candles and Incense” Video Honors Scott Weiland

The Deleo brothers--guitarist Dean and bassist Robert--along with drummer Eric Kretz, recently paid an awesome tribute to the late, great Scott Weiland. Watch as the surviving members of STP go through the song "Atlanta" and recall all of the nuances of the original recording session 16 years ago, including the string arrangement by Beck’s dad, David Campbell. [...]

Dealing With the Dragon: RIP Scott Weiland

July 6, 2000 – Dealing With the Dragon Thanks to: Troy Johnson They've known cushy tour buses and courtrooms, rock idolatry and prison. They're as familiar with the life-halting effects of heroin as they are with the power of the song hook. Once roped to the whipping post of grunge and critically sneered at for [...]

RIP Scott Weiland

Scott Weiland was found on a tour bus before his band, Scott Weiland & the Wildabouts' performance in Hamel, Minnesota. Weiland's management confirmed he passed away in his sleep on the bus. Our condolences go out to his friends and family at this time.