#BLESSED: Taco Bell Kit Kat Quesadillas Are A Thing

Lucky Wisconsinites have been in for a treat lately; Taco Bell is testing out their new Kit Kat and Twix quesadillas there right now! Called the "Chocoladilla," they seem to be just melted candy in a warm tortilla. Sign me up! No word yet on when the nationwide roll out will happen, but my fingers [...]

FREE Taco?! Thanks Warriors!

Two things that I love the most in life are free stuff and tacos. Put the two together and I'm one happy girl. I don't know ANYTHING about basketball. I'm seeing people getting heated on social media about the game last night but haven't a clue why. Well, Taco Bell is doing "redemption day" today. Before [...]
free taco bell

Thanks to Basketball, FREE Taco Bell Today!

It's not just any Taco Tuesday - it's FREE Taco Tuesday at Taco Bell! As part of its new “Steal a Game, Steal a Taco” promotion with the NBA, Taco Bell will give everyone in America a free Doritos Locos Taco today from 2pm to 6pm at participating locations nationwide. Late last month, Taco Bell [...]