Danielle’s Friday the 13th Tattoo {WATCH}

For the past 4 Friday the 13th's I've gotten a Friday the 13th tattoo. It's just something fun and silly I like to do. The image above, video below is the newest addition to my collection. Below are the Friday the 13th tattoos I've already gotten including a Boo-ritto (ghost coming out of a burrito), [...]
Wrex the halls 2016 Mark Hoppus

This Blink 182 Tattoo Is No Joke!

You have to be a hardcore fan of Blink 182 to get a tattoo like this... and not only that, their newest record has to be his favorite, right? Check it out - nicely done, Clint! Would you ever get your favorite band tattooed on you? @blink182 my new ink! You guys rock!— Clint [...]

IS THIS THE RADDEST TATTOO EVER? Punk Rock Heroes All In One Place!

Nic Trammell is a tattoo artist at Squid Ink Tattoo Co. & Art Gallery in Bloomington, Illinois. He's also a musician, and, it seems, a super creative fan of punk rock. Check out this tattoo he did on his friend Zac. In Nic's words: "From left to right we got The Queers, Bad Religion, The [...]

5 Tattoos You Need For #XFEST2017

You want to be styling at #XFEST2017 right? Right. Nothing is as styling as fresh, festival themed ink. Here are some suggestions in case you're in a creative rut. Zach 1. This Phoenix tattoo, so they can tattoo their autographs around it. 2. Impress Luke Steele from Empire of the Sun with this one. Had a [...]

Check Out My New Mermaid Tattoo!

I love tattoos. I got my first tattoo at 16 and 14 years later I have a nice collection including a full sleeve. Yesterday instead of being wined and dined for Valentine's Day I went and got tattooed. I'm SUPER stoked for this new piece I'm working on. Originally I just wanted it to be [...]

Pierce the Veil Tattoo Contest Winner!!

You may have noticed that the poster for Wrex the Halls night 2 had a tattoo theme to it. That wonderful design was created by tattoo artist extraordinaire, Randy Janson of El Rey Tattoo & Barber. He did Tom Delonge's sleeve, among many others, so we thought it would be cool to have a tattoo [...]

RHCP Snubbed By Bowie x3

Photo: L. Cohen Well folks, it seems even David Bowie has an issue with the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Anthony Kiedis, frontman to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, recently revealed how David Bowie refused to work with the Chili Peppers, not once, but THREE times! Kiedis recalls reaching out to Bowie: "Every record we ever [...]