knee deep brewing

Auburn’s Knee Deep Brewing Pays a Visit to Beer for Breakfast

While San Diego is known for being one of the most hop-forward craft beer scenes in the U.S., we're not the only ones who came play the hops game. Knee Deep Brewing Co. in Auburn has been busy brewing adventurous, highly-hoppy IPAs in Gold Country, particularly their with their Breaking Bud formula. Tommy, Danielle, Abel [...]

Beer X Preview with Beachwood Brewing on Beer for Breakfast

One of the breweries joining us Saturday for Beer X is Long Beach-based Beachwood Brewing, known for the Producer Danielle-approved barbecue at their Long Beach home base restaurant, as well as their solid selection of craft beers — including several featured in this edition of Beer for Breakfast with Beachwood co-owner and brewmaster Julian Shrago. [...]

Christopher Nolan’s Intimate, Yet Epic, New War Movie Dunkirk

British soldiers awaiting evacuation at Dunkirk faced unceasing air attacks. By Tommy Hough From The Bridge On the River Kwai to A Bridge Too Far, the British have a fondness for their disasters. That fondness never quite became part of the American DNA, and perhaps it's a kind of national maturity that Great Britain long ago [...]

Sublime’s Bud Gaugh on 40 Oz. to Freedom Anniversary Beer

Sublime drummer Bud Gaugh took a few minutes to check in with Tommy and Danielle about the new beer collaboration the band has undertaken with San Diego's Alesmith Brewing Co., in part to celebrate the 25th (!) anniversary of the release of Sublime's landmark 40 Oz. to Freedom debut album. The kickoff party for the [...]
Lost Abbey

The Lost Abbey is Found on Beer for Breakfast

Paul, Marin, Tommy, Tommy and Danielle at The Confessional (photo by Davis Gerber). Lord have mercy, this week on Beer for Breakfast we sample some high octane entries from our friends at The Lost Abbey, who are not only celebrating their 11th anniversary, but also have their Christmas in July celebration coming up on July [...]

West Sacramento’s Bike Dog Brewing on Beer for Breakfast

The table is set for some Beer for Breakfast with Bike Dog Brewing Co. This week's Beer for Breakfast features A.J. Tendick, the co-founder of Bike Dog Brewing Co. in West Sacramento, who road-tripped all the way down from Yolo County to San Diego to spend a few days in town visiting Paul Segura from [...]

San Diego Brewing Co. on Beer for Breakfast ABV

San Diego Brewing Co. co-founder Lee Doxtader and brewer Jarrod Davis joined Tommy, Producer Danielle and Paul Segura from the Karl Strauss Brewing Co. for this edition of Beer for Breakfast ABV, and not only did we sample some terrific beers available at the San Diego Brewing Co.'s Grantville location and their new North Park [...]

Unfriendly Skies: The Beatings Will Now Commence

"Quit crying, we have plenty of parachutes, we just have to make some room." By Tommy Hough The more videos, angles and versions I've seen of the man – and not that it should matter, but a doctor – being beaten and violently removed from a United Express flight in Chicago on Sunday night to [...]

Karl Strauss and Sierra Nevada Collaboration on Beer for Breakfast

Chico, meet San Diego. For the Padres home opener and National Beer Day, 91X craft beer enthusiast Paul Segura from the Karl Strauss Brewing Co. brought Tommy, Producer Danielle and Abel from the 91X What's Hoppening blog the latest edition of the Sierra Nevada North by South collaboration series — and it's a collaboration with [...]

One of Our Local Faults Just Got a Lot Bigger – and Scarier

Reggie sniffs at the Rose Canyon Fault at the Tecolote Recreation Center. By Tommy Hough We had a Baby Earthquake rattle the ground beneath us Friday night, serving as another reminder of the seismic energy that continues to build, shape and mold the California landscape. Ten years ago I interviewed Dr. Pat Abbott, professor emeritus [...]

Karl Strauss and Taylor Guitars on Beer for Breakfast ABV

91X morning host Tommy and Producer Danielle first sampled the 614 Farmhouse Ale collaboration between Karl Strauss Brewing Co. and Taylor Guitars back in November with Beer for Breakfast craft beer enthusiast (and Rifftide guitar shredder) Paul Segura. The 614 (six-fourteen) farmhouse ale features lemon, Belgian spice and toasted maple flavors and aromas as a [...]

Beer for Breakfast and Pouring a Proper Black and Tan

We kept things centered on St. Patrick's Day for this week's edition of Beer for Breakfast, as 91X craft beer enthusiast Paul Segura from Karl Strauss Brewing demonstrated the correct way to pour a Black and Tan for Tommy, Producer Danielle and Abel from the 91X What's Hoppening blog. A good Black and Tan starts [...]