helix brewing co.

Helix Brewing Co. on Beer for Breakfast

Session beers with lower calorie counts have been growing in popularity as craft beer fans try to watch their skinny jeans waistline. But for heaven's sake, what about guts and taste? After all, we're not talking about lite beer here, just light on the ABV. Balancing the formula between great session beers and bold San [...]
bitter brothers

Bitter Brothers Brewery on Beer for Breakfast

We were fascinated to find that the Bitter Brothers Brewing Co. team members who joined us for this week's edition of Beer for Breakfast were neither bitter — nor brothers! We welcomed Bitter Brothers head brewer John Hunter to the show, along with sales and events manager Corey Esoldi. And it turns out there are [...]
burning beard

Burning Beard Brewing Co. on Beer for Breakfast

We were without the crushable wit and wisdom of under-the-weather Paul Segura from Karl Strauss Brewing this morning, but we had a full, jolly, coiffable studio nonetheless with the team from Burning Beard Brewing Co., who made their way from El Cajon in the Circle of Hops (put it on the map!) to 91X for [...]
keg n bottle

Keg N Bottle on Beer for Breakfast

Along with having Paul Segura from Karl Strauss Brewing in tow, having a great local business like Keg N Bottle come on board as the sponsor of Beer for Breakfast ahead of the feature's "re-boot" in April was absolutely huge, and a big shot in the arm for re-launching the segment. So to show our [...]
32 North

32 North Brewing Co. on Beer for Breakfast

32 North Brewing Co. were the stars this week, but everyone loves Paul. Located in San Diego's Miramar (okay, "Beeramar") area and named for San Diego's latitude on the globe, we have to admit we weren't consulting too many maps ahead of 32 North Brewing Co.'s visit to Beer for Breakfast, but we were looking [...]

Bolt Brewery Visits Beer for Breakfast

Bolt Brewery master brewer Clint Stromberg and a growler of Dan Stouts. This week the 91X Beer for Breakfast team played host to Bolt Brewery, which can legitimately lay claim to being the first genuine craft beer outlet in San Diego, having gone into production in 1987 — a full two years before Karl Strauss [...]
3 Punk Ales

Three Punk Ales on Beer for Breakfast

We had a packed studio this week's edition of Beer for Breakfast as we were joined by the team from 3 Punk Ales — now moving into their new locale in Chula Vista on Third Ave. — including head brewer Kevin Lewis, punk numero uno Steve Garcia, and brewer and self-described paper pusher John Marshall. [...]
Left Coast Brewing Co.

Left Coast Brewing Co. on Beer for Breakfast

The Left Coast Brewing Co. team, including general manager Tommy Hadjis and California director of sales Martin Medina, made the trip from San Clemente to San Diego to join the 91X Morning Show for this week's edition of Beer for Breakfast. Located at 1251 Puerta del Sol in San Clemente, Left Coast were craft beer [...]
BNS Brewing & Distillery Co.

BNS Brewing and Distillery Co. on Beer for Breakfast

BNS Brewing and Distilling Co. joined 91X for this week's edition of Beer for Breakfast, and while BNS has only been around since 2012, they've already racked up two gold medal awards and a silver at the last two Great American Beer Festivals — not too bad for only four years in. Joining us for [...]
Thorn st. brewery

Thorn Street Brewery on Beer for Breakfast

Yes, it's been a tough week, but if there's one thing you can count on it's 91X and craft beer — and this week we welcomed Thorn Street Brewery to the show, including co-owner and co-founder Dan Carrico and sales and logistics director Tom Kiely. Celebrating four years in North Park, Thorn Street Brewery is [...]

Pizza Port Brewing on Beer for Breakfast

Pizza Port Brewing joined us on Beer for Breakfast! See what is the most quaffable, crushable, AND gluggable Special thanks to Paul Segura and the Karl Strauss Brewing Co. Find out more about craft beer releases and events in San Diego at the 91X What's Hoppening blog. Beer for Breakfast is supported by San Diego-based Keg [...]

Groundswell Brewing on Beer for Breakfast

Beer for Breakfast played host to the team from Groundswell Brewing this week, including president Kevin Rhodes, and sales managers Seth Hirschenbein and Jorge Blas. Based in Grantville, Groundswell recently moved into the former Santee site of Twisted Manzanita near Gillespie Field, and is rapidly making the locale the new Groundswell home base as they [...]