When we added the video component of Beer for Breakfast, Beer for Breakfast ABV, we did it because we found that brewers are very interesting, colorful individuals and the founder/brewer of Reckless Brewing Company is the perfect example of this.

Dave Hyndman is the founder and brewer of Reckless Brewing Co. in Mira Mar and he stopped by Beer for Breakfast to give Paul and I our first taste of Reckless Brewing. Reckless Brewing opened in 2014 on Carroll Way and has been crafting a unique outlook on craft beer.

Dave put it simple to me: Beer should be fun.

I love that sentiment and I think that some times we can take ourselves too seriously, not just when it comes to the craft beer community, but in life generally.

The tasting room has karaoke every Wednesday from 6PM – 9PM and trivia every second and fourth Thursday.

Here’s what we drank:

Dissmissive Dave – Earl Grey Tea with Raspberries           5.5% ABV

         mix of What’s All This Then & Precious Endeavor

Coffee Badger Don’t Care                                                            10.5% ABV 

         Dark, honey, coffee

Merlout                                                                                                   9% ABV

          If Stout and Merlot wine had a baby