When Burning Beard Brewing comes to 91X Beer for Breakfast ABV it’s like herding drunk cats… in the FUNNEST way possible.

Jeff, Shannon, & Mike made the trip from El Cajon to 91X and it was a party the minute they walked in. And there’s a lot to celebrate:

Burning Beard Brewing is turning 4!

Burning Beard is having their 4th anniversary on Saturday, February 29th at their tasting room in El Cajon. This event sells out every year so don’t snooze on getting tickets. Tickets here.

*Fun Fact: the next time leap year lands on a Saturday will be 2056

What’d We Drink? 

Where Eagles Dare                                       5.5% ABV

     Lager – Dortmunder        

Get Thee to the Nunnery                              6.4% ABV

    Trappist Single

Brainbox Pollution                                       8.5% ABV 

     IPA Double New England