The Beer for Breakfast crew didn’t have to travel too far to get beer from this week’s featured brewery, it’s the closest brewery to the 91X studio! Gravity Heights Brewing is located off Mira Mesa Blvd & Pacific Heights in Sorrento Mesa.

Brewmaster Paul Segura, Marty, & Danielle start things off with Sorrento Pils, a 5.3% ABV Italian Pilsner. What makes it an Italian Pilsner? That would be the addition of dry-hops to impart more hop character than you would find typically in a German Pilsner. They also had Red Tide Ryesing, a 8% ABV Hoppy Red Rye. Rye is the star of this beer giving off spiciness but also has a balance of caramel and toffee malt flavors.

Enjoy Gravity Heights Brewing at Beer X on August 20th at Waterfront Park!