From home brewing to professional brewing, that’s the story of many breweries including Voodoo Child Brewing, this week’s featured brewery on Beer for Breakfast.

Voodoo Child Brewing started as a couple home brewers who teamed up with Savagewood Brewing. After Darrel Brown of Savagewood decided to relocate instead of selling his business, he partnered Voodoo Child Brewing, and left the brewery under their control for them to brew Voodoo Child beers as well as Savagewood beers.

Marty, Danielle, and Brewmaster Paul start off with Four Masters Irish Red Ale. Coming in at 6% ABV Four Masters gives a blend of caramel and dark fruit notes over a rich biscuit base, and a slightly roasted finish. They also sampled Lima de la Noche Mexican Black Lager (5.2% ABV). This unique Mexican Black Lager gives your pallet waves of shifting flavor, from salt to lime to a mild roast finish. Rich in body but not heavy it’s the perfect pairing with any type of spicy food.