The In Your Neighborhood Block Party returns to Oceanside Saturday April 27th. Noon to 8pm the day is filled with music in the vneu and a festival of local businesses in the parking lot. The event is ALL AGES and FREE; music from The Paragraphs, Western Settings (semi-acoustic), Montalban Quintet, Mistress 77, Parker Meridien, Cheyenne Benton, Kimmi Bitter, Children of the Monkey Fist and the El Camino High School Jazz Cats. Come for music and food in the club and local businesses in the parking lot with REAL SURF,  Action! Salsa, Planet Sleaze & Co. Velvet Metal Vintage, Panels Coffee & Comic Books, Fascination Street vintage, RIOT NUTS!, Chapter One Hair salon, Oceanside Candle Company, Kaleidoscope Production Company, Oceanside International Film Festival and KOCT TV more to be announced. Real Surf will bring local surf designs and culture. Action Salsa is hand made goodness from the man Ken himself. Planet Sleaze Velvet Metal Vintage and Fascination Street will have a wealth of amazing vintage, repurposed, collectable and cool fashions. Panels will bring wonderful coffee and cold brew along with new and collectable comic books. Riot Nuts is our very own local specially rock n rol nut company. Chapter One Salon will be offering quick trims and haircut freshen ups. Oceanside Candle Company is of course candles of all kinds from OSide. Bat Country Art local art by Kelly and of course Kaleidoscope Production Company is your go to for album, poster and rock n roll designs and original artwork.  Come on down we look forward to seeing you @lounilesiyn