Pete Best was the original drummer for The Beatles who was kicked out in 1962.  Some say he was kicked out because he was too good looking, but him and his family play a pivotal role in the beginnings of the band.  This session features Pete, his brother Roag, Chris Leyva, Bart Mendoza and other local musicians, enjoy…

Tim Pyles


Recorded live at Iacon Sound for The Pyles Sessions on 91X Loudspeaker with Tim Pyles, March 2018.

Original recording of ‘Money (That’s What I Want)” was written by Berry Gordy and Janie Bradford and recorded by Barrett Strong in 1959.  The Beatles version was recorded in 1963 on the album With The Beatles.

The Pete Best discography can be found here:
Pete Best performs with The Beatles on several tracks on The Beatles: Anthology 1

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