Friday, September 4th, HOT SNAKES “Not in Time” will be available to purchase from the Hot Snakes Bandcamp page at Pay-What-You-Want pricing for that one day only (as part of Bandcamp’s ongoing monthly fundraisers to generate needed funds for artists currently unable to tour).

And, to really make a whole, big THING out of the special limited-time-only release of this digital single, here is a new video for the track, which was directed by Jessica Kourkounis (who, pssssst, is Hot Snakes’ own Jason Kourkounis’ sister!)

“Not in Time” (Release Date: September 3, 2020)

Hot Snakes

Director: Jessica Kourkounis
Editor: Jessica Kourkounis
Director of Photography: Jessica Kourkounis / @kourkounis
Camera Ops: Brian Emig, Jessica Kourkounis
Specialty Costumes: Rita Squitiere