One of SD’s most prolific bands has put together a great video for you!

Mrs. Henry – We Are A Rock N Roll Band (Official Video)

Starring the greatest Rock N Roll Band in the universe:

Isaiah Mitchell (Earthless) – Guitar
Matt Adams (The Blank Tapes) – Guitar
Wendy Stonehenge (Glitter Wizard) – Vocals
Heather Nation and Aimee Jacobs (Belladon) – Vocals + Guitar
Alex Lexicon (Warish) – Saw
Luke Smith – (Ulysses) – Vocals and Guitar
Garrett Morris (The Higgs) – Cowbell
Jess Roberts (The Everettes) – Vocals
Thomas Dibenedetto (Sacri Monti) – Roto Toms
Lucas Humbert, Djivan Abkarian and Baptiste Leon (Howlin Jaws) – Vocals, Handclaps + Kid Kazoo
Yumi Iijima and Daisuke Hasegawa (THE⭐︎⭐︎⭐︎HASEGAWA DAISUKE) – Vocals + Percussion
Justin Smith (Howlin Rain) – Drums
Jesse Audelo (Sure Fire Soul Ensemble) – Sax
Ben Hernandez (Malachi Henry and the Lights) – Harmonica
Gabe Messer and Zach Oakley – (Volcano) – Vibraslap + Guitar
Anna Zinova (Pinkeye) – Violin
Shane Hall (The Shane Hall Band) – Vocals
Orion Ferguson (Space Wizard in Space) – Synth
Josh Zimmerman (The Silent Comedy) – Hair Whips + Vocals
Shadow Dancer – ???
Paul Stanzione – Rock N Rollin’
Camille Gerbert – Rock N Rollin’
Penny – Rock n Rollin’
Ake Arndt (Operation: MINDBLOW) – Liquid Lights + Flight
Adam Kriney (Golden Grass Group) – Casey Jones
Allan Ritter (EMG) – Cowbell

Mrs. Henry is:
Jody Bagley – Vocals, Organ, Wurlitzer + Synth
Dan Cervantes – Vocals + Guitar
Blake Dean – Vocals + Bass
Chad Lee – Vocals + Drums

As seen in Episode Two of Mrs. Henry’s Medicine Show.
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Available for download on Bandcamp @

Music Video edited by Aurora Roció Pacheco + Blakeview Productions
Recorded/Filmed during quarantine times March 19 – April 5
Mixed by Stephen Kay at Sunking Studios – Highland Park, CA
Mastered by Joe Bozzi at Bernie Grundman Mastering – Hollywood, CA