Elise Trouw was born in the very last year of the millennium in Southern California (when people were fretting Y2K) to a father whose mother birthed him in South Africa then raised him in Cleveland from the age of 6, and Elise’s mother hails from Long Island, New York. Musical inspiration first struck when Elise was barely six, enamored with her Mother’s amazing mix-tapes played on repeat in the family truckster. On one of these many mix-tapes between The Cure and The Carpenters, Elise heard the haunting piano melody in “My Immortal” by Evanescence.

And with that… BAM! The UNIVERSE had shifted, the WORLD had gone off its axis and a very young Elise needed to know ALL of the secrets of how and why that moment touched her soul.

And now, here we are, after touring by herself, with other artists and most recently with Incubus, yes, THAT INCUBUS, Elise has again been defiant in the studio.

Her new single “How To Get What You Want” is her most compelling song to date, it’s all original, has a pretty cool AF video that, of course, she shot by herself, edited herself and is posing the great question, “after 20 million + views on youtube, doing the Kimmel show, touring with Incubus and all before the age of 21, is this the end? Or is this the start?