First off, congratulations to Miguel Blanco, the WINNER of the X-Fest 2015 Poster Contest! 

dominos-logoSecond, holy pepperoni! Not to be too cheesy, but Domino’s has put up the dough to buy every single X-Fest Poster Contest artist a pair of ticket vouchers to X-Fest 2015! We’ve saved plenty of ‘shroom for all of the artists at our blow-out summer concert on Sunday, June 7th!!

Thanks to Domino’s for having the meatballs to make this bacon a reality. And thanks to all the artists for entering!


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Miguel Blanco

job-iconMultimedia Artist

pin-iconSan Diego, CA

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“This poster is my favorite because it has a good sense of humor. It’s well illustrated. The typography is a perfect ode to Tales from the Crypt and it presents the information well.  It uses many colors without making me mad which is a real accomplishment.”
– Shepard Fairey


Zoe Mitchell

Diego Estolano

Stephen Harris

Miguel Blanco

Patrick Beers


Monica Armanio

Andy Acosta

Zoe Mitchell

Marc Guzower

Nicholas Thompson

Mariel Lyn Velicaria

Sarah Baumann

Cat Smith

Spencer Willis

Ron Logan

Tara De Crescente

Nicholas Thompson (2)

Samantha Richards

Elijah Dows

Sammi Mrowka

Sophia Guymer

Rafael Santos

Rich Morrison

Rick Rodriguez

Ben Jenkins

Patrick Beers

EJ Q’anilUno

Patrick Weaver

Ryan Allen

Niki Neidhart

Olivia Hernandez

Paul Green

Osbaldo Vigil

Mike Vecchio

Jorge Martinez

Nicholas Adkins

Michael Zinniger

Emmanuel Favela

Justin McLaughlin

Mike Vecchio

Beverly Rios

Mary Kimani

Mariana Salazar

Lucy Laube

Greg Wilson

Jose Carrillo

Chris Kepler

July Fuentez

Karen Hart

Brett Hillyard

Brett Hillyard (2)

John Claxton

Tyra Wang

Jaime Valle

Jose Carrillo (2)

Josh Coonan

Francisca Ramos

David McHenry

Cristina Magaña

Helga Tacke

Gilbert Gonzalez

Cathryn Clark

Corey McKenna

Eric Yo

Danica DeForest

Esau Laniado

Evan Kelly

Evan Kelly (2)

Mike Bartus

Roberto Rios

J Walker

Ryan Burke

Blair McDonough

Brougham Campbell

Daniel Brown

Bryan Diaz

Carrie Anne Hudson

Nathan Carcamo

Aaron Gonzalez

Alexander Chacona

Brendan Godoy

Angelica Huezo

Julia Gomez

Anthony Grimm

Craig Patterson

Abigail Schmeling

Miguel Blanco

Jesse Caverly

Summer Luu

Roy Sonboleh

Wendy Gracia

Vivian Rivera

Tracie Hang

Taylor Watson

Summer Luu (2)

Katie Kalanges

Karl Gindelberger

Luis Alvidrez

April Stodder Martinez

Dulce Figueroa

Oscar Pena Heredia

Nicholas Baltz

Mallorie Gutowski

Claudio Gonzalez

Jordan Brown

Joseph Bonnet

Hagop Moumdjian

Coleman Meadows

Adrian Dinescu

Diego Saldivar

Erin Champ

Diego Estolano

Diana Escalante

Aaron Hudacky

Alfonzo Vargas

Emily Osthimer

Simone Wortz

Emily Osthimer (2)

Hickey Lick

Jessica Calderon

Alex Araiza

Alex Araiza (2)

Daphne Jauregui

Emily Osthimer (3)

Elvia Monroe

Erik Manluctao

Stephen Harris

Isabel Halpern

Kristina Kenyon

Kristyn Lum

Lauren Wilson

Mia Dagui

Olivia Bernardy

Sarah White

Cristobal Castro

Tomas Stonehouse

Tristen Andre

Veronica Cano


Top 5 Finalists Win:

  • (1) Pair of VIP Passes to X-Fest
  • Promotion on the site

Grand Prize Winner Receives:

  • $500
  • (1) Pair of VIP Passes to X-Fest
  • Their poster printed and distributed on-site at X-Fest
  • (1) Poster signed by X-Fest bands and framed for the artist
  • Promotion on the site
  • Bragging rights that Shepard Fairey chose their design!

All winners will be contacted with prize pick-up details by email.

Guest Judge Shepard Fairey

Shepard Fairey

Shepard Fairey created the first of his iconic works in 1989, making 2014 the 25-year mark of his career. Originally from Charleston, South Carolina, Fairey attended the Rhode Island School of Design before moving to San Diego, where he lived and worked from the late ’90s until the early 2000’s. In addition to his guerrilla street art presence, with works like the OBEY GIANT art campaign, the artist has executed more than 43 large-scale painted public murals around the world as of 2015. His works are in the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery, the Boston Institute of Contemporary Art, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and many others.

For more information, visit

The Legal Stuff

  • Entry forms must be submitted by Friday, May 8, 2015 at midnight.
  • All entrants will receive a Photoshop (.psd) or Illustrator (.ai) file with the official sizing, band lineup for the show, and logos to be used for the poster design. Entrants are encouraged to use this file to complete their design.
  • All entrants will also receive a Word (.doc) file with the official rules and guidelines for the contest.
  • Entrants must submit (1) final artwork entry in the form of a .jpg, .png, or .eps file (50MB max) of their poster design no later than Friday, May 8, 2015.
  • Top 5 Finalists will be chosen by a panel of 91X judges by Friday, May 15, 2015.
  • Grand Prize winner will be announced by Monday, May 25, 2015.
  • Grand Prize winner must submit final artwork as a .psd or .ai file upon announcement of contest close.
  • All submitted artwork, photography, or graphic elements must be an original design, or artist must have permission for elements to be used and reproduced by 91X.
  • Any artwork submitted for this contest will become the property of 91X.
  • See Official Rules for more details.