The Decemberists Just Raised Over $400,000 on Kickstarter For A…

I mean, there are good causes on Kickstarter, and then there are GOOD CAUSES, if you're picking up what I'm laying down. Good causes like your favorite band really really really wanting to make a board game of their very own. Are you still with me? No? Whatever you think of it, it IS impressive: [...]

[WATCH] The RAD Trailer For Trainspotting 2

What are you talking about? Football! What are YOU talking about? SHOPPING! Like so many of us, I loooooved Trainspotting when it first came out - the movie, the soundtrack... it is still a fun one to throw on the ol' laserdisc player when the mood hits. So like many of us, I am SO [...]

Descendents Beer, Brewed in San Diego (Now With More Coffee!)

How rad is THIS?!? Descendents are taking their love of caffeine to a whole 'nother level. Here's how their record label Epitaph Records explained it on Facebook: "Pour a glass of Descendents "Feel This" coffee IPA from Mikkeller Brewing San Diego! It's brewed with 'Hypercaffium Spazzinate' beans from Dark Matter Coffee, and you'll be able [...]

Move Over, Ambien: NAPFLIX Is Here To Put You To Sleep Faster

The name "Napflix" is a huge part of the genius of all of this, and who knows how long it will last before Netflix puts a stop to it. Still, the idea to create a video streaming service that shows nothing but snoozers to help you fall asleep to - that's one for the ages. [...]

Blink 182 Fan Takes Halloween to a Whole New Level!

... and I thought shaving my hair into a mohawk to look like Travis Barker was hardcore, but this girl? She wins the "Who has the coolest Blink 182 Halloween costume ever ever ever" prize! Jess Mcdonough has some serious makeup skills. Check it out: Halloween Countdown Look #6 🎶Save your breath I'm nearly bored [...]

The Smiths Came THISCLOSE to Reuniting in 2008

Johnny Marr has a new memoir coming out soon, he's calling it "Set The Boy Free," and its pages are filled with stories, secrets, and revelations. This one I didn't see coming, however: apparently there were a few days back in 2008 when he felt a Smiths reunion was imminent. CAN YOU IMAGINE? Holy cats. [...]

AFI’s Davey Havok Took Over TDR – See Pics, Video, And His Playlist!

That's Davey & I doing our best prom pose... he wearing his favorite shirt, me wondering where my corsage is... somebody pinch me! AFI released a new song - their first in a while - today, so Davey Havok came in and took over Thumb Driven Radio! He played whatever he wanted for the hour and [...]

Want to roll to The Grammys like a rockstar? Nieman Marcus has you covered!

Holiday shopping yet? What do you get for the music lover who has everything? If you have a cool $500,000 lying around, you get them a trip to the Grammys! It's just one of the many "fantasy" gifts available in this year's Nieman Marcus Holiday catalog. Check it out! You're welcome...

Phil Collins + The Roots =

GET SOME, QUESTO! Phil Collins stopped by The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon last night and slayed his classic "In The Air Tonight" thanks to The Roots - it is seriously so good, especially when those drums really kick in. FIRE!